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A Special Presentation By KCSB’s Executive Committee, “Your ExComm”

Today’s Program: A Special 83 Minute Look at KCSB’s Executive Committee (ExComm)

Email for the complete song list used for the show!

To help bridge the gap separating You and I, ExComm (a bunch of rag-tag students from everywhere) has put together a lengthy radio show to introduce ourselves. Think of this show as our outstretched hand, waiting for you to take it in a clasp of friendship. Maybe even a fist bump. We promise we’re not sick.

Back Row (Left to Right): Michael, SImone, Emilia, Daniel, Omer, Ariana, Brittany Front Row (Left to Right): Sunny, Avalon, Jorge, Kevin, Rebecca, Miles

Back Row (Left to Right): Michael, Simone, Emilia, Daniel, Omer, Ariana, Brittany
Front Row (Left to Right): Sunny, Avalon, Jorge, Kevin, Rebecca, Miles

Apart from introducing ourselves to you, this show serves as a bit of an information source. If you ever had any unanswered questions about KCSB, listen! You might find the answer here! But due to the lateness of this post (and some oratorical incompetency), some facts need to be checked. Firstly, the times for some of the music shows mentioned have changed, so consult the schedule for actual times. Secondly, Miles butchers Jorge’s last name, which is actually pronounced QUAE-ar, not QUELL-E-ar. Same with Ariana’s, which is pronounced DOOM-pis, not DUM-pis. Miles regrets this error.

Our show today is broken in nine parts for your listening pleasure. The start times are located by the segment title. They are as follows.

1. Stage Manager (0:00)
Introduction/Miles Yim (Sports Director)

2. A Few Words from the GM (7:53)
Rebecca Redman (General Manager)

3. Youth of the Station (13:29)
Brittany Carriger (KJUC Manager) / Jorge Cuellar (KJUC Program Director)

4. Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (23:40)
Kevin Olsson (Assistant Station Engineer)

5. The Once and Future Traffic and Training Directors (30:28)
Emila Dellemonico (Traffic and Training Director) / Ariana Dumpis (Program Director)

6. Add Men (48:23)
Michael Martinez (Internal Music Director) / Omer Harari (External Music Director)

7. Breaking News (56:11)
Daniel Alvarenga (Associate News Director)

8. The Preeminent Public Professionals (1:02:03)
Avalon Jeffrey (Promotions Coordinator) / Sunny Sidhu (Productions Coordinator) / Simone Payne (Publications Coordinator)

9. One Thing (1:16:02)
ExComm / Conclusion

We Hope You Enjoy It!