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KCSB Community News July 31, 2009

* Headlines: California budget slashing, Iranian demonstrations in support of gunned-down woman Neda, High-speed stock trading grows Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions, UCSB coalition fights budget cuts harming students and education
* Tiny Diamonds: UCSB scientist discovers evidence of cosmic collision Lorien Crawford
* Venoco Project: Court ruling helps oil company move toward ballot initiative Jose Serrano Jr.
* Federal Minimum Wage: more is needed to keep up with cost of living, inflation Denise Manzari and Melinda Tuhus
* Media Minutes: analysis of media reports
* Lompoc Mayor Dick DeWees dies at age 61
Reporters: Patty Lincoln, Mario Guardado, Daniel Alvarenga, Monica Lopez
Announcer: Cathy Murillo