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On Tues., Aug. 26th, “Roadtunes Sessions” Talks Spoken Word Poetry with Rebekah Meredith of UCSB’s MultiCultural Center

Listen up! “Roadtunes Sessions” host Andy Doerr will chat with UCSB MultiCultural Center staff member Rebekah Meredith this coming Tuesday, August 26, at 10:15 am. She will share selections of her own spoken word poetry and talk about an upcoming MCC event, “A Mic & Dim Lights: Spoken Word and Open Mic” where HBO Def Poet and internationally renowned artist BessKepp and other great poets will present Spoken Word poetry at its finest, representing A Mic & Dim Lights, the largest weekly open mic in California. The MCC show is August 27, 8:00-10:00 in the MCC Theater.”