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Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich’s Appearance on “The Paradigm Shift” Cancelled

kucinichPatricia Diorio, host of KCSB’s public affairs program, “The Pardigm Shift,” wrote the following program announcement: “I will be interviewing Congressman Dennis Kucinich on The Paradigm Shift today at 3:30. I’ll be speaking to him from Washington. The first half hour of my show I will be talking about him and his career as a politician and I will also be reading a few very powerful documents that he wrote. If you are Kucinich fans please tune in. If you are not aware or know little about Dennis, please tune in…

This is my last radio show for a while. I hope to resume my show in the spring. Cotinue doing your great work and have fun!”

Unfortunately, Representative Kucinich had to cancel his interview do to a sudden scheduling conflict.