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KCSB co-presents Tom Brosseau and Sean Watkins at the Carpinteria Plaza Playhouse

CONCERT REVIEW: Small town ambience, in song and space – Beguiling North Dakotan Tom Brosseau plays the Carpinteria Plaza Playhouse, with Sean Watkins in tow 
June 9, 2013: A slow but steady buzz has been building about a new music scene sensation in Carpinteria, and a Saturday night soiree — featuring the impressive singer-songwriter likes of Tom Brosseau and Sean Watkins — alerted some of us newbies to what the buzz is about. We’re talking, of course, about the Plaza Playhouse, the long-standing small town hometown movie theater that was given a facelift under ownership by Metropolitan Theatres, and has morphed into a special and vibe-filled venue for live music, theater, and yes, movies. In this intimate, beautifully refurbished old theater, with a capacity just under 200, music lovers can grab a tub of popcorn and a pint of beer and savor the sounds in a space that’s clearly one of the hottest night new spots in Santa Barbara County (not to quote Bill Hader’s Stefon characters on SNL). In a special show co-presented by our own formidable college radio beacon, KCSB (91.9 FM), Mr. Brosseau and Mr. Watkins stopped in Carpinteria amidst a tour swing up the west coast, for a fascinating evening of song. Not to be overlooked or underplayed, the show opened on a strong and quirkily poetic note with a set by young singer-songwriter to watch out for, Z Berg (daughter of producer Tony Berg, for the pop trivialist record). More»